A Brief Intro to Vinnie Baite Bio and Achievements.

Being a live example of the popular phrase, ‘Success is when preparation meets opportunity’, Vinnie Baite is definitely a success as a content creator and a comedian.

After juggling campus life, studies and creating videos online, his breakthrough came in 2021 during the Covid-19 lockdown.

He managed to harness the attention of many people who turned to the internet for entertainment and distraction from the reality of the pandemic.

Vinnie Baite is definitely one of the few people who really benefited from the lockdown even after closing down his shoe shop at the start of the pandemic.

 His first video was about a Meru guy who gets high on chewing Miraa and tells funny unrealistic stories with a meru accent titled, ‘Story Za Jaba’.

The video went viral online getting him more followers and views which turned him famous in a short span of time.

Seeing the attention as an opportunity, Vinnie Baite and his friends from the shoe shop started shooting a lot of videos to feed the audience and just like that, he made a career out of it.

He has managed to attract fans from all over the Swahili speaking East Africa majorly in Tanzania.

Apart from being financially successful as a digital content creator, Vinnie Baite has been named as one of the regular comedians of the Churchil Show.

His famous catch phrase ‘Achana Nayo’ has become Kenyans’ favorite sensation

Here is the biography and the journey of Vinnie Baite in the comedy scene.

Vinnie Baite Early Life, Real Name,

Vincent Mutwiri, popularly known as Vinnie Baite was born and raised in Kithaini, Imenti South of Meru County.

He spent most of his early life, primary and secondary education in Meru county.

His love for art and comedy started in high school to the point that he had enough courage to audition for Churchil Show after finishing high school.

He joined Maseno University in 2016 to pursue a degree in English and Literature.

Due to his undying love for film, drama and theatre, Vinnie Baite joined various drama clubs in campus while still creating funny videos online.

This is where he honed his craft of getting into character and entertaining the audience regardless.

His parents were fully supportive of his ambitions, which is pretty much unpopular for most African parents.

His mother bought him his first camera to help him capture the performance and post it to the online audience.

After graduating in 2021 at the peak of the pandemic, he went back to creating videos since there was nowhere to go or anything to do outside the house.

He would often create at least ten videos before posting them online to keep him consistent before going back to coming up with ideas for the next video.

Vinnie Baite Girlfriend, Networth

After posting a picture of himself holding an infant with a caption “Family is Important”.

Most of his fans fuelled the notion that he has a baby mama to which Vinnie denied the claims saying that the child is his niece.

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Vinnie Baite is seeing someone but and he decided to keep his dating life away from the public domain.

After attracting over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and over a million followers on facebook, Vinnie Baite is making good money from his videos.

He has managed to extend his brand internationally by organizing comedy shows in Tanzania.

Even though his official net worth is not public, Vinnie Baite is definitely over the seven figure mark when it comes to his financial worth.

Vinnie Baite Comedy, Youtube, tiktok

After graduating from the university to join a pool of mass learned unemployed youth in Kenya, Vinnie Baite was lucky to still believe is his art to help him survive in Nairobi.

With his degree Vinnie moved to Kawangware, one of the famous informal settlements in Nairobi, to seek opportunities.

Before he could easily sink into depression like the rest of the unemployed youth, he got into business as a shoe dealer.

Some of his friends he met in kawangware, Caleb Kimathia, introduced him to the whole game of shoe business.

One time, him and his friends went out for a photo shoot which later turned into video shooting since Vinnie had an idea of an untapped marked in the Kenyan Comedy.

They shoot a video about a Meru guy chewing Miraa (Jaba) while telling crazy stories to his friends.

The video represented the popular culture of most Kenyans who gets high on chewing Miraa as a group and sharing crazy ideas and stories until they lose track of time.

The style of this type of comedy according to Vinnie Baite is called Story Za Jaba and it completely resonates with both urban and rural Kenyans.

He incorporates all of the stylistic devices he learned in university classes to bring out the fun in the content he puts out.

At first he was still struggling to find character and present it as it is but through thorough search plus perfectionism, he found it.

It took a little bit more time for his videos to hit the algorithm on YouTube but when one of his videos trended on tiktok, many people were looking him up and he quickly rose to fame.

His first video was the one that broke the internet but since he was planning on being consistent, he had other videos to follow it up.

From then, Vinnie Baite has been on the rise as a content creator.

Vinnie Baite Churchil Show.

While at Maseno University, Vinnie Baite met Professor Hammo, one of the top comedians and regulars on the Churchil show.

Proff had a show at the campus and Vinnie had an opportunity to be one of the underground comedians to open for him.

At the time he used to spot a thick afro which was pretty similar to that of Professor Hammo where he did a parody of him on stage.

At this point is where he made his first connections with the big names in the Kenyan comedy scene.

Later when his videos were popping online, comedian Jasper Murume who is also a regular in Churchil show did a video with him.

The two met at an event organized by comedian Henry Desagu and agreed to do a jaba video together.

Vinnie Baite did put in the work and trying to audition for close to every comedy stage in Kenya.

He auditioned several times for the Churchil Show, Maisha Magic, Comedy Arena and even all the underground platforms showcase stand-up comedy.

All were not successful even after trying as much as he could. For Churchil Show, Vinnie had auditioned since 2016 without making it through.

His breakthrough came later in 2021 when his videos were doing great online and his style of comedy was known to attract mass audience. 

He received a phone call to go and do stand up on Churchil live recording where his set was extraordinary.

After delivering a good performance on stage, Vinnie Baite is now a regular on the show and he is among the top comedians after the return of the Churchil Show post Covid-19.