A Brief Introduction to Wakadinali’s Bio.

Wakadinali music group has managed to build up their fan base both inside and outside of the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The group has won a number of awards including song of the year, Collabo of the year 2019, Best Album and Best rap Group of the year 2019.

Wakadinali is a music group based in Eastlands of Nairobi. The group was formed in 2003 by their lead artist Scar Mkadinali.

Wakadinali, which is also affiliated with the streets under the name Rong Rende have a record label called Zozanation. The label had initially signed one of the best female rapper and MC, Dyana Cods.

They have a show called The Rym Gym, that is designated to showcase new talent and takes place every last Sunday of the month in Umoja.

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Wakadinali Rap Group Members.

The group is made up of three members including Scar Mkadinali, Domani Munga, and Sewer Sydaa.

Wakadinali have capitalized on pushing their music through the internet. They don’t depend much on the mainstream media to connect them with their fans.

The reason being the fact that they use raw language in their lyrics and don’t believe in artist censorship or creative control by the corporates.

Here is a brief introduction to the Wakadinali Rap Group members.

Scar Mkadinali.

Churchill Mandela a.k.a Scar Mkadinali is a Kenyan rapper who is among the founders of the musical group Wakadinali.

He began his rap career in 2003 with his friend and partner Domani Munga. Scar Mkadinali was born and raised in Umoja 1, Eastlands area of Nairobi.

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The harsh reality of life growing up in the Slums of Eastlands is what influences his style of rap and the lyrics he writes.

The Morio Anzenza hit maker claims to be a product of his environment, which is definitely true if you know the life in the slums.

Being a young dad, Scar Mkadinali moved to Kisumu in 2020 to “Keep a low profile” and focus on his personal life.

He still keeps in touch with his other partners to make sure that things are moving on smoothly in Nairobi as he continues to record music at his studio in Kisumu.

Juggling music and starting a family can be tough for a young man like him but Scar is ready for the challenge.

Domani Munga.

Dormani Munga a.k.a Doche is among the first members of Wakadinali Group with his partner Scar Mkadinali. He was also born and raised in the slums of Umoja1, Eastlands of Nairobi. Together with Scar, they joined forces in 2003 to for the rap group that later recruited Sewer Sydaa as their last member.

Domani Munga caught the eye of the public after releasing a series of four songs titled Mungu. The songs were definitely straight bangers with hardcore lyrics having deep meaning.

Being a member of the Wakadinali Group, he has a responsibility and a reputation to hold up to in terms of lyrical richness. Domani Munga is definitely one of the deep thinkers who can come up with thoughtful bars.

Sewer Sydaa.

Even though he was recruited to join the group Sewer Sydaa can deliver the goods more than expected.

He joined the group later after Scar and Dormani had formed it. Having lived in the slums of eastlands, there is no doubt that he can relate to the other members of the group.

He is also the product of a similar environment to Sacr’s.

Sewer Sydaa has written and produced several solo songs plus others under Wakadinali Group.

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Wakadinali’s Rong Rende.

Its no doubt that the Wakadinali Rap Group is one of the most consistent musical groups in East Africa.

It is one thing to be consistent for a long time, but its another thing to be totally authentic and stay true to your style and cater to your core.

Wakadinali has continually proven that point. If you cater to your core fans, they will be your brand promoters eventually.

In the course of their musical journey, Wakadinali have grown gradually and built a team behind them that they share the same vision.

The team behind them is what they call Rong Rende. It is made up of a team of producers, rappers, directors and visual artists among others who help push the brand.

Slim Visuals is the one group of visual artists who has worked with Wakadinali since their beginning in the music business.

Rong Rende affiliations has attracted and associated itself with rappers like Dyana Cods who have grown to be among the best female rappers in Kenya.

Wakadinali’s Zozanation.

Starting up as underground rappers performing at the various underground hip hop events that helped them showcase their rhyme skills, Wakadinali had a dream of owning a record label or at least a distribution company.

Zozanation is the Wakadinali’s record label and a music distribution company that had their first successful signing of the undisputed rapper and MC, Dyana Cods.

Later in the end of 2019, she parted ways with Zozanation and went ahead to do her own thing.

The success of their first signee is enough proof that Wakadinali is here to make music, develop talent and make money.

Wakadinali’s Kovu Challenge.

Scar Mkadinali being the leader of the Wakadinali Rap Group, he became the one responsible for sparking one of the biggest hip hop challenge in East Africa.

After releasing the song ‘Kovu’ in April 2019, Scar Mkadinali invited all the hip hop artists both underground and established ones to the challenge.

Khaligraph Jones, the most high rated rapper in Africa, co-signed for the track.

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He put his spin on the track with his creative wordplay style and fast rhymes with lyrics that address various matters in the music business.

The best sampled challenge apart from Scar’s was the one from Alex Vice.

Wakadinali Beef with Jua Cali.

In July 2020, Jua Cali was asked by a fan if he can battle Wakadinali in a versus-style battle, the Genge godfather turned down the group.

Jua Cali claimed that Wakadinali cant battle him since their music catalogue at this point does not match up to his.

Wakadinali felt offended by the statement and they went ahead to dismiss Jua Cali as an old rapper and his music is straight trash.

They claimed that they are the ones defining the new Kenyan sound.

Wakadinali Songs, Albums and Mixtapes.

The group has worked on several hip hop tracks and managed to produce more than four albums.

Their latest album, Victims of madness, is a pure drill album.

Wakadinali characterized their new style as Nairobi drill (Naidrill) or Rong Drill.

Their most popular drill hits are the Kovu, extra pressure and Morio Anzenza featuring Dyana Cods.

Kovu is definitely the biggest song due to the online challenge began by Scar that quickly popularized the song shortly after the release.

Here are some of the songs and albums from the Wakadinali Rap Group.


Wakadinali Rap Group has four major music projects to their name.

These albums have an average of ten tracks each.

They include the following:

Ndani ya Cockpit, 12 tracks (2017).

Ndani ya Cockpit 2, 13 tracks (2018).

Mtoto Wa Mama, 8 tracks (2019).

Victims of Madness, 15 tracks including a bonus track (2020).

If you are a fan of hard-core style, authentic and immaculate flows, the Wakadinali are the artist you need to check them out.

All of their songs will definitely bless your playlist. You can stream their music here.