10 Principles of a Self-Made Boss.

Whether you were born in the heart of the village or in the Problematic Streets and Slums, you can be a self-made boss/hustler. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, the rules of the game are all the same.

There is no hack to these principles, if you try to cheat the system; you will never escape the consequences no matter who you are.

You might be from a royalty household or a middle class family where you never went to bed hungry but there is that one thing that you’ve got to have it.

Now to have those things that give you sleepless nights and you feel like you might see yourself as a failure unless you have them, you have to follow the rules and principles used to acquire them.

These rules are universal; you might think that you have the connections you need to make it happen but the connectors too will always need something in return. You might not be the one returning the favor but someone somewhere has to be the one doing so.

That someone will come looking in future for a return of the favor he did for you. So this game has sacrifices that need to be paid.

Don’t expect something for free because free stuff (favors) are always of low quality and you will definitely have to pay them back in one way or another at some point in your life.

Paying the price is always the best way to get quality goods or services. To pay the price means that you have to develop a hustler inside of you.

You need to connect with the aggressive part of you that you have always been afraid to exploit. Be the guy who either settles for what they deserve or more, but never settles for less.

A hustler refers to an aggressive and enterprising person who has a go getter mindset. The word hustler has for the longest been associated with gangsters and drug dealers but it can refer to anybody who is always out to do whatever it takes to make money.

Embracing the attitude of a hustler is what separates a broke guy from a self-made boss.

Here are the principles that you can embrace on your journey to attain the hustler status that will attract whatever you want.

How To Become Your Own Boss.

1. Take calculated risks.

Taking risks without analyzing the possible losses that you might incur in the case of a failure is just not wise. If you are not analyzing your risks, you are actually indulging yourself into gambling.

Before you play offence you need to focus on the defense and make sure that whenever there is an event of a loss, you will bounce back immediately not get crippled for the longest.

Failure gives you the best lessons that you cant get in any class or mentorship session, so when you immediately learn your lesson, come back in the game immediately and do it again.

This only happens when you calculate your risks in detail and factor in how you are going to get up if you trip and fall down.

There is no need to try something and fail but not try it again, it’s a waste of lessons learned from failure.

2. Make Things Happen.

Your main focus is to see things happening in the direction that you want. Your focus and dedication is on strategizing, planning, organizing and executing.

The standard of life that you want is largely determined by what you do now at this moment.

So you have to make sure that you are constantly doing stuff that needs to be done and others that you might need them done in future now.

Whatever you do now will put you in a better place tomorrow. There will never exist a right time to do what you have to do.

If you wait, you might get yourself into a trap that will eat much of your time and resources to dig yourself out.

You must do everything you want it done; savages get things done who cares if you fail.

Even if failure happens, you did something; you tried the best you could.

3. Create value.

If you have something of value that can beat the competition, everybody will want to have a piece of it. Same case to you as a brand if you are a public figure, being valuable is what attracts bigger audience to you.

Bigger audience means that all eyes and ears are on you. Remember that attention is the new currency in this 21st century, so attracting enough attention will give you leverage that can easily translate to your bank account.

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Consistent creation of value will not only retain your quality and appeal to the consumers but also spread the word to others. This will help in widening your reach and save you on the cost of advertising.

So as much as you are building your hustler mindset, focus on doing good business dealings that will always put you in a better place in the future.

4. Have Sheer Determination.

This is not just a mere form of determination; it is the shear focus that can be referred to as self-hypnosis.

In simple terms, you have to let the idea of manifesting your dreams into reality a constant driver of your actions.

You have to make sure that the mental picture of the goal you have in mind matches with the reality of the physical outcome in every bit of detail.

In this situation you have to do whatever it takes to create the reality of your ideas. It doesn’t matter what you have to do, just make sure it is done.

This is the sheer determination that is going to make thing a little more practical and not just ideas n dreams.

5. Always be Resourceful.

This can also equate to being creative and innovative at all times. Resourcefulness will keep your mind at a constant forward momentum that is unstoppable.

When other people are stopping at the depletion of resources, you focus on making something out of nothing. You spot the available resources and try to come up with an idea that will exploit the available resources.

This will make you unstoppable, and every opportunity will never pass you because you don’t see the limiting factors of the opportunity but you always have a mindset of doing what you have to with what you have.

If you don’t have what you need to move forward, you always try to come up with other ways that might work. Limitations are simply an opportunity to explore your creativity and pivot direction.

6. Embrace Fluidity.

The easiest way to maneuver through an unclear path is to be flexible. Don’t get fixated on one path that has been perceived as a barrier that might take much of your time to overcome it.

The concept of fluidity simply means dodging barriers whenever you don’t have enough strength or time to gather enough strength that will break the barrier to pave the way for you. Move like the way fluids (water, air or other liquids) move.

If water doesn’t have enough force like a storm or hurricanes, it just flow in a different direction around the burrier and keep the forward constant movement regardless.

As long as you keep on doing what you do, you will eventually get to where you want to be. Go with the flow and let the dynamics of life flow through you.

7. Surround Yourself With other Hustlers.

The biggest hustlers, savages and big bosses build upon each other. As the saying goes, birds of the same feathers flock together, so you have to be among those who make decisions.

There are two distinct groups in this life regarding the concept of who runs this world.

The first group which is often made up of the top 1% of the population are the decision makers while the second group is made up of the other 99% of the species are the ones facing the consequences of the decisions made.

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It a tragic reality of life but the good thing is that there is an equal chance to work yourself up the food chain.

You have to find a way to flock with those people, other hungry hustlers, or the people who are heading in the direction of the top.

8. Take Ownership of Your Own Mind.

If you observe keenly how other hustlers move, you will realize that they are independent thinkers. They never let anyone think for them because they are willing to take full ownership of the outcome of their decisions.

They welcome as much advice as possible but in the end, they make a final informed decision that they are willing to live with.

Being an independent thinker means that you take your time to do research on the things you let your mind consume as worthy of your mental health.

Taking ownership of your own mind involves paying close attention to what you let your mind dwell on.

You have to build up your mental stamina to the point that it doesn’t get scared even in the face of terrific situations. Build your natural mental toughness.

When your mind is strong and can withstand any kind of threat whenever you are cornered by events in life, you will always rise above it regardless.

9. Always Speak Your Mind.

Whenever you are being bothered by something or someone, never hesitate to say whats in your mind. This will save you from the circle of ruminating.

Speaking your mind unapologetically will help you get clarity and also let you ask the right questions.

Being a hustler means you are dealing with a lot of uncertainty and constant surprises from every direction.

So you don t need to deal with assumptions that you might just avoid by asking what you feel like you need to.

Always strive to obtain clarity as much as you can and question everything. Things don’t just happen; poke some questions that will help you understand it better.

10. Always Shut the Noise.

If you are to be in this business of being hustlers who make things happen, you must embrace the art of not giving a damn!

Do what you need to do, who cares what other people think. A hustler is a hustler and they don’t care who knows it.

They don’t need to seek approval from anyone but are focused on becoming the type of person they aspire to be.

This noise often comes from the haters; they thrive off criticism, negativity and insults.

Embrace them even though they dislike you, what you do or what you represent. They majorly focus on exposing your weaknesses, which is also good for you because they bring you further self-awareness.

As much as you listen to the feedback from the noise, do not let them influence you in any negative way, you should be aware of what you should put on mute or shut it completely.

In conclusion, being a hustler or a savage is a duty of our own. To come to our senses and face our fears on a daily basis. A hustler is a savage in a civilized world, so we need to reconnect with our savage selves every day.

Strive to be a hustler by incorporating the principles above, that will help you maintain the same spirit wherever or whenever, regardless of the situation you find yourself in.