A Brief Description of  The Gengetone Culture.

Gengetone lifestyle often reflects to the street culture with a potential of evolution and transformation of the people living it. It is made up of hustle and having fun either constructively by affecting other lives positively or by affecting your life negatively.

The hassle mentality involves trading something valuable or of no value for money or favors. The goal is to always hit your target in whichever the way you use.

The idea of having made it in life often incorporates the use of alcohol or drugs accompanied with a lot of sex.

The most popular phrases being thrown away here and there simply referring to having a good time are the sheng phrase, ‘kulewa kuchuchuma’ or ‘kukata maji’.

The spirit of having a good time means that you must be flexible enough to contribute ‘kuchanga’ to the budget of the drink so that at least everybody enjoys the moment and at least do not spend all their earned money but leaves with some coins in their pocket for food.

The driver of the spirit of hustling every day is the fear of poverty.

Most of the people in the streets are in poverty or they just got out of it but in most cases they were born into poverty. The only way to get out and eradicate poverty is by getting out and make or do something.

Gengetone is a culture inspired by the lifestyle of people not settling for more than they need but never settling for less than they are worth. In this lifestyle everybody believes that if you can’t get access to something, you find a way to get it. This cant never get done by not sitting on your ass ‘kukalisha mkundu’ all day waiting for angels to come to your rescue.

The proceeds from the day-to-day hustle are split into several portions before investing in good times with some friends.

First you need to send some money home in the upcountry because otherwise, your parents back in the village, ‘shags’, might come looking for you. As long as you send some money home, it gives your parents some peace of mind and a hint that their kid is doing well in life and heading in the right direction.

The second portion of the money goes to rent. Yea you don’t need to have a place to sleep whenever you are done with the hustle or when finished having a good time or when you met someone that needs urgent sexual services.

The sex can either be a one night stand or more than one night with one or more partners. In this culture, sex is sex. Guys don’t have much time defining the feelings around it.

The third portion of the money is for having a good time with your friends, ‘mbogi’ and friends of friends. All forms of good time is allowed as long as everybody is having a good time. The rule of thumb when having a good time is to never break the law. But when you do break the law you make sure to not be caught. Whenever you get caught, you swear on your mother’s grave to never snitch on your friends.

What remains to be a foreign language in the gengetone culture is the idea of investing your money for the future. When you start throwing that information out there, you might soon find yourself without a mbogi (friends).

Above all, Gengetone lifestyle believes in finding solutions to anything in your life. Bet it financial, mental, emotional, economical, or whatever it is that needs to be attended to. Whether it is a dry spell you are experiencing, you can and will find the best solution if you are committed to finding it.