Rekless and Gengetone Music.

Whenever you think about Gengetone, you think about Ethic Entertainment. Now, when you hear someone talk about Ethic Entertainment Gang, you think of Rekless.

He is undoubtedly one among the godfathers of Gengetone.

He is known for delivering outstanding performance not only on a record song but also on stage.

He is the one who has been carrying the flag the boy band Ethic Entertainment.

It has been clear to the Gengetone fans that any song that features Rekless is definitely going to be a hit in the streets and the mainstream media.

He has a unique style of rapping with a more of a relaxed demeanor that singles him out of his other group members.

Rekless, like any other musiscian or a rapper, draws a lot of inspiration to his music from the humble beginnings in the ghetto. His background environment has a huge influence in the type of music that he does.  

Eastlands ghetto slums moulded him to be a great rappper that he is right now making consistent hits in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Whenever Reklesss hangs out in public, be it during a music video shoot or with the crowd performing, he has a unique style and a simple local vibe.

The content of his music is majorly conscious and focuses on poverty and the street way of life (Gengetone Lyfestyle) which probably had a lot of influence on him as an artist.

Rekless Personality.

Rekless likes to put his personal matters private as nothing about his dating life or family stories is out in the public.

Keeping things private will always make you a Gengetone golden boy and this is what makes him look mature and easy to work with. He also admitted to be an introvert so he is always in a constant struggle to deal with the side effects of fame.

He said that he always feels like he is struggling to cope up with the pressure that comes with fame as he has to be happy with whoever he meets.

Staying low key with your personal life and the demons you deal with everyday makes other people think that you will always be a professional in whatever dealing you engage in. This makes it easier for you to make money and maneuver through this entertainment industry.

All due respects goes to Rekless for being such a person with some next level personality.

Whatever he lets it out to the public is all about music and business.

So everybody knows that whatever is out there or about to come out concerning Rekless is all good vibes and good business moves.

Rekless Early Life and Musical Journey.

Like any other Kenyan, he went through the basic education that often sets you in a certain level of literacy in life.

The difference or the similarity between you and Reklesss is that he did his schoolings in the informal settlement slums of Nairobi.

He went to school with Seska, one of the members of Ethic Entertainment Group. They probably grew together from the same neighborhood. They probably shared a lot of memories of surviving every day in the streets.

This could explain the reason behind their similar personalities which makes them the most recognizable members of the group.

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The two are most adorable to many fans of Ethic Entertainment. Their long history together as buddies is what contributes to their similarity.

Rekless has sparked a lot of conversations regarding him performing without the rest of his group members.

After getting into the limelight with their first hit song ‘Lamba Lolo’, he alone in the group featured in Khali Cartel 3 where he did great with his verse. Right now he is still taking part in musical projects that still don’t feature other Ethic Entertainment Group members.

The good thing is that he is still intact with the other group members to this day. Sometime in 2020, there were widespread rumors that he was leaving behind his group members but he later confirmed that he is still intact with his Gang.

This rumor was as a result of the solo appearance in stage performances and the features that he does without the rest of his group.

Rekless and Ethic Entertainment.

Rekless has produced various solo projects including ‘Deep Down’ that clearly represent his style and swag. The song has a cocktail vibe of dancehall and hiphop which was produced by Motif Di Don under House of Badass Records. He has also featured in various hit which probably ruled the airwaves in Kenya in 2021.

The rapper has a unique way of creating his music from the choice of the beat to the writing of lyrics.

Whenever he is set to create some music, first he and his group members head to the studio, listen to the beat repeatedly and if they love it they proceed to try and write the lyrics to match the beat.

Each individual member has to contemplate in their comfort zones and come up with the idea of how they want the beat to be altered to let everyone in rhyming. After creating good rhyming lyrics, they leave it to their producer to make it a record.

This type of work ethic has contributed to the much success of Rekless as a member of the group and fans love him most.

This personality and professionalism has made him attract more music collaborations and features because everyone knows he will always deliver the best he can.

He connects well with the audience through writing and performing relatable lyrics which are authentic to his fan base. He has mastered how to talk to his fan base while entertaining them. His style has been seen to extend his vibe outside his comfort zone and reach new potential audience.

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Right now, Rekles is busy producing hits and performing on stage all over the country which keeps me wondering where the rest of the group is.

Ethic Entertainment has some type of a mutual understanding within the group members concerning the freedom to work on solo projects or do collaborations with other artists

Rekless has been the one taking advantage of that freedom to build his brand outside Ethic Entertainment Group.

Rekless is about to be among the biggest artists in east Africa and nothing else is going to take him to such greater heights other than consistency and constant re-invention of his music and his personality.

He is absolutely on of the few artists who are hungry and always perfecting their craft in music.