The humbling Story of Life in the Slums.

Early Age.

Alisandro Olocho Santos popularly known as Madocho wa Kanairo was born in becember 26 1990 to a Kenyan-Italian father who is a white settler and a Kenyan mother. His place of birth is Mombasa coast of Kenya where his parents met before parting ways after giving birth to him.

His mother moved back to Nairobi Satellite Estate where he begun his harsh childhood life experience. Madocho developed a special bond with his mother through the ghetto life experiences which were predominantly full of poverty and daily struggles.

His mother had to do terrific jobs just to feed him. Every day was a hustle.

His mother got married again and had other children as his father did too, so Madocho has five step brothers and two step sisters.

Madocho had to learn to live with his step dad to the point that he couldn’t take the bullshit anymore.

His mother being a loving mum; took Madocho to live with his grandmother because he couldn’t get along with his step dad. So the only time he saw his mother was when he had money for bus fare to go visit her at wherever the current place his mother relocated to.

Madocho had a lot of struggles coping up with life even after leaving his mother. Most of the daily needs were not met and he had to find other ways of bridging that gap.


He started schooling at Race Course primary school and later attended Jamuhuri High School.

In high school he was introduced to gangster lifestyle where he did robbery and pick pocketing to survive in the ghetto. To him this kind of life was not only how he had to put food on the table but also what he had to go through to learn what he knows now about life

Madocho in Gotta City.

In 2008, his mother moved to Gotta City, one of the marginalized up and coming slums of eastlands, Nairobi. Housing was cheap at the time since it was still not that populated slum. So young Madocho left his grandmother’s home and came to stay with his mother. This is where he found home as he was approaching early twenties at the time. Identity crisis was kicking in and he had to find a way to fulfill the need to belong.

In Gotta city is where he discovered his love for art and started doing Grafitti while doubling as a tattoo artist. He developed this talent in his mother’s salon as he would draw the beauty images on the walls until he could draw them perfectly.

Madocho had his first kid while still in high school so he joined fatherhood in his early twenties. He appreciates the existence of his wife and two kids since they made him who he is right now, a responsible father, something he never had growing up.

Even if they had to spend their nights in lodgings and hotels, he never left his family, they lived through it together.

Madocho is a reformed bad boy who used all type of drugs and got involved in whatever kind of crime you could think of. His turning point was when he realized that he could lose his relationship with his kids and they would have to grow up without a father. So he made a conscious decision to quit drugs and street lifestyle and try to be a better different man.

He begun using his talent and creativity skills to make money and put food on the table.

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Being a hustler he does all the interior colorings and painting to his clients and he appreciates all types and forms of criticism of his work. Madocho is really talented and creative artist.

He also has passion for radio, music and entertainment.

Madocho’s Charity Works.

After reforming from drugs and crime, Madocho and his other members of the gang decided to bring about a positive effect in the slums. Despite living in an economically marginalized part of the city, they chose to make good out of the situation they are in.

They formed a youth group called DOTRISE which represents the slums of Donholm, Tassia, River bank, Soweto and Embakasi. The aim of the group is to help other young people going through anxiety, crime and drug abuse in the slums.

They do their best to provide a safe place that gives them a listening ear and try to provide the best solution they can.

DOTRISE is involved in several community projects that help the youth with little opportunities of small jobs that can put the little food on the table. It actually, its a brilliant move that will not only reduce crime rates but also provide an opportunity to the young struggling youth out there who is about to get into crime for survival.

Their philosophy is to rehabilitate the youth through providing alternative opportunities however little they may be. They try to create the change they want to see in the streets.

Even though they are funs of gengetone, they still believe in living in a peaceful society that allows them to be creative.

Madocho uses his platform to preach about positivity and good vibes while emphasizing on youth being creative and authentic.

He believes in staying true to yourself and making Gengetone a platform for clean music.

You don’t have to create trashy music that glorifies crime, alcohol and sex in order to stand out. Focus on good content and positive vibes.

madocho wa kanairo

An artist is always a reflection of the society, so whenever an artist created bad content, the society will never evolve to be better.

Mandocho In The Limelight.

He gained popularity through a viral video that was a response to the musical boy band Mbogi Genje. He accused them of stealing his style, flow and lyrics of his unreleased song.

In the video, he was addressing the fact that he was betrayed by his close friends and he needed them to come to the ghetto and try to have a civilized conversation.

Madocho believes in staying true to yourself and what you are. Mbogi Genje was trying to live a life that does not reflect who they are, the lyrics of their song were describing the life of Gotta City slums which madocho is a part of. This was a full proof that the style, lyrics and flow was Madochos’.

What mbogi genje did to him was just a typical Kenyan move where they steal whatever comes their way, they never want to negotiate for ownership or try to acquire it legally. Creativity crimes might be what is now rampant in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Whether it is in the mainstream media or the grass roots street raps.

But to this point I believe the Mbogi genje guys and the whole crew have realized that madocho and the whole Gotta city crew are the Wagidos (big dogs).

Madocho Exiting Gotta City Management.

In early 2021, Madocho left the Gotta City management team in the grounds of frequent underations from the bosses. This could probably be due to the fact that he wants to pursue a career in radio and music at the same time.

I think he is smart on this because he is the one hustling for himself and knocking on doors of the media stations but the management just shows up when its time to collect money. Its always a better choice not to be enslaved when you can avoid slavery.

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Though his other crew and partners are still under Gotta city, they are all engaging in other projects in the streets together.

Madocho is now focusing on his music and entertaining his fans as well as spreading good vibes.