The Story Behind the EX-Queen of Gengetone.

Apart from what you have been hearing about the lifestyle of Sheila Mburu, better known as Shay Diva, there is always a background story to what she is right now.

The story of her life, way before you started being curious about who she decides to date today or why she prefers to live soft life, will give you a clear confirmation to who she is.

People don’t just do stuff; there is always a deep story about them that influence their decisions in life.

So before you judge her and make your own whatever conclusions, read her story below.

The Humble Beginnings of Shay Diva.

Shay Diva is the first born child in a family of three. She comes from a humble background where she learned the value of hard work and never settling for less.

She attended Mukumu Girls Primary School and attained good grades that enabled her to join Loreto convent for her high school education. After completion of secondary school education, she pursued nursing at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Lodwar.

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So like any other kid born to a Kenyan parent, she did best at pleasing her parents; she completed her education as expected.

The completion of college education marked the beginning of entrepreneurship to Shay Diva. She never thought to start looking for medical jobs but she had other ideas about how she was going to live her life.

Shay Diva ditched her medical career and ventured into business. She started a supplies and tender company while still pursuing a career in music.

Shay Diva had a passion for music since she was a little kid in primary school but as usual, African parents don’t give a damn about your passions unless you do what they think is best for you first. So she decided to do her due diligence as her parents demanded up until the year 2018 when she was able to afford to pay the studio time and quality music videos.

Being a self-made business woman, she uses her influence through music to make the right connections that help boost her businesses so that she could afford her soft lifestyle.

I believe up to this point you now understands that Shay Diva doesn’t settle for less than what she deserves including her lifestyle. I don’t know how she managed to come from humble background to the top soft life in a very short period of time.

I think she must have landed a jackpot multimillion tender businesses or something close to that.

The Popularity of Shay Diva.

She is known for her hit song ‘Zungushiwa” which she featured Ssaru but before that, she came into the musical scene through Gengetone. She worked with the big boys of Gengetone like the boy band Ethic Entertainment and Boondocks Gang where she made hits like ‘Sresa’ and ‘Firi Firi’.

This led her to proclaim herself as the Queen of Gengetone since she was competing in a male dominated space in Kenyan Music.

We all know and understand that self-proclaiming yourself that you are the queen verses being labelled or given a crown of the queen are two totally different levels of respect.

One comes from the need to protest your need for attention and the other one comes as a reward for good service.

So Shay diva was a Self-Proclaimed Queen of Gengetone at some point before she dropped the crown.

The Expensive Lifestyle of Shay Diva.

Shay Diva is undeniably living a lavish lifestyle where she has continually raised the bar for the standards of life she can possibly live.

As a matter of fact, she dated a tycoon who probably introduced her to this kind of lifestyle.

Her boyfriend came along at the right time as she is a smart and witty business woman so she is able to manage the privileges that she gets.

This might project her as a gold digger but we should also give her credit for the effort she puts in her business dealings at the age of 29. She is just good at spotting and taking advantage of the opportunity that projects itself before her.

Also, lets just be real, it is not easy to find a tycoon who will be willing to treat you like a queen and not a sexual equipment.

I bet Shay Diva was naturally smart and tycoons don’t often get attracted to dumbass people.

Her late boyfriend always showered her with expensive asset gifts, not like the ones you get.

Shay Diva was gifted homes; she now has three mansions in Diani, Elgon view estate in Eldoret and at her residence in Kitengela. On top of that she has a mansion in Kitale which is now her retirement home.

Her boyfriend spotted how she is smart and aggressive, talk about preparation meeting opportunity. This is what made Shay Diva win his heart.

She used the influence of her late boyfriend to make good business dealings which will definitely put her in better financial positions in future.

The recent death of her Indian boyfriend whom she met in 2015 led to her being labelled as dangerous gold digger who allegedly killed her aged boyfriend and took off with expensive cars and property worth millions.

But clearly Shay diva wasn’t there during his death as she was informed by the house boy about the sad news.

Why Shay Dive Decided to Quit Gengetone.

Now let’s be clear, Gengetone Lifestyle is a street lifestyle and it is well understood by the people coming from the streets.

If you were born and raised in the village, I don’t expect you to stay that long in this lifestyle because it is not authentic to you, you cant relate to it.

For Shay Diva, Gengetone was just a business opportunity like any other and she had to jump in and roll with it.

Right now, she is Focusing on her music and rebranding. She is choosing to quit Gengetone as she no longer associates herself with the way of life portrayed by the musical Genre.

Shay Diva claims that the vulgar lyrics she wrote in her previous music made her lose some business dealings. Businesses were not comfortable associating their dealings with her brand.

She has gone ahead and deleted some of her songs on YouTube that had some extremely raw lyrics.

So clearly she wasn’t choosing gengetone because of any other reason other than business. As long as it pays, she will be a part of it but when it doesn’t fatten her bank account, you will never see her there again. What a classical business move.

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I don’t throw shades to her but she has to at least give back to the culture as much as she took it, you cant just take advantage of it and later when it is struggling or going through a harsh period you abandon it and go for what is next.

But anyway, lets not catch feelings here, she is a dedicated business woman and nothing shall come in between her and the bag even if its Gengetone.

But we wish her all the best and God bless her.