Felicity Shiru Biography, Age, Real Name.

Felicity Wanjiru Popularly known as Felicity Shiru was born and raised in Limuru.

She is a graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), pursuing a degree in Health Records and Statistics.

Being an omnivert (having a mix of introvert and extrovert personality), Felicity Shiru Was one of the internet personalities you would like to listen to all day.

Her vibe comes out as real and relatable since many people have an omnivert personality too depending on the flow of the day.

The way she expresses herself is truly authentic without putting on a performance or being someone she is not.

This is what gets her new fans and followers everyday who end up being the promoters of her content online.

Felicity Shiru and Thee Pluto Dating Relationship.

Being students in the same campus with a very large student population, Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru had very little chance of knowing each other.

Thanks to social media, the two already had their little popularity in their circles as models and content creators.

Thee Pluto was more famous insta socialite than her at the time, to the point that Felicity never imagined herself in a dating relationship with him.

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Felicity being an insta model too she started checking him out online though she was already in a relationship but not dating (complicated right?).

The two later met as they were heading for an event, Subaru Boys, in Naivasha and they developed some chemistry which would later turn into a love relationship.

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Before the two started dating, they were close friends who did YouTube videos together with Felicity being the one interviewing Thee Pluto.

That closeness they had and being around each other all the time creating content led to Thee Pluto making a move to shoot his shot.

Having known each other for a while, Felicity was also into him and they dated for like two months.

While they were in a relationship, they created massive content on YouTube regarding couple goals and the dynamics of a relationship between two insta models.

Felicity Shiru Breakup with Thee Pluto.

After two months of dating and creating content with a wider outreach online, the two lover birds decided to call it quits.

As much as it was bad news to the couple, their fans were disappointed too.

The cause of the breakup was the fact that Thee Pluto was moving so fast trying to get into marriage and have a kid in that short time.

All these did not sit well with Felicity because she is still a student with a degree to finish plus she was not ready to have a baby at that very young age.

With all that indicating that the couple was no longer on the same page, they had to call it quits and everybody went their way.

Of course the channel took a hit too, I fact they never uploaded content that after that since the show was all about couple goals.

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Felicity later started her own YouTube show which is now getting massive attention and love from the fans.

Her charming and charismatic personality is very much admirable plus she is very beautiful.

Felicity Shiru Net Worth.

Apart from being an insta model, Felicity Shiru has made a successful transition into content creation and real estate business.

She is not only dating Thee Pluto but also his business partner in the real estate sector.

Felicity Shiru makes her money from YouTube, Corporate Sponsorships and real estate. Her net worth is estimated as 60,000 dollars.

She is lucky to come from a financially well off family, which gives her a great opportunity to take huge risks that leads to greater returns.

Her family gives her enough confidence and support when it comes to creating wealth on her own and she doesn’t have to worry when she has to take a loss in business.