Intro to Xenia Manasseh Bio and Achievements.

Xenia Manasseh being the fast-rising Kenyan R&B singer based in Atlanta, US has been featured on the radios since moving back to Nairobi.

The release of her first EP album,’Fallin Apart’ in October 2019 gained massive success and introduced her to some new audience in Kenya that was not familiar with her music.

The Ep quickly rose to number one on iTunes R&B/Soul charts and came at the second place in other genres for a while.

Xenia Manasseh is of multicultural origin, where she is of Kenyan, Malawian and Ugandan heritage. She is definitely culturally diverse meaning her perspective through music is also more diverse.

Being such a multitalented artist, singer-songwriter and dancer, she is signed to an Atlanta-based Upper-Class Music Group.

Xenia is an alumni of the prestigious Berklee College of Music where she majored in Music Business and Management.

Her music career took off quickly with her opening for Rema performing in Nairobi and sharing the big stage with international artists like Godlink at the Blankets and Wine

She was also selected to be among the finalists for 2020 emPawa Africa Mentorship program by Mr Eazi.

Xenia has also secured a feature from artists like Blinky Bill, Ukweli Truth and in the Sauti Sol’s hit song ‘Rhumba Japani’.

The pinnacle of her career happened when she co-wrote Teyana Taylor’s ‘Wrong Bitch’ song and Taylor Swift’s ‘Shoot it Up’ with the legendary Big Sean.

She has also released a couple of hit songs such as, ‘Niambie’, ‘Watu Wangu’, ‘Lowkey’ and many more that launched her in the Kenyan airwaves.

Xenia Manasseh Background, Age, Real Name and Tribe.

Coming from a multiethnic family, Xenia was born to a Kenyan, Malawian and Ugandan household.

Xenia Karungu Manasseh popularly known as Xenia Manasseh was born and raised in Nairobi in the year 1997 making her one of the leaders of the new school in the Kenyan music scene.

Xenia spent most of her growing up living in Nairobi and Mombasa until 2014 after high school is when he moved to Boston United States.

She joined one of the prestigious schools in Kenya, the Aga Khan Academy for her primary and secondary education.

Being a bright student, she managed to secure a scholarship to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Xenia Manasseh Music Career.

Growing up in a family that is conscious about music especially Jazz, Soul and R&B, Xenia Manasseh developed her love for music as early as age 3.

She learned how to play as many instruments as she could get her hands on especially piano and drums while still in primary school. It was in college that she mastered one instrument, the bass guitar.

Between the age of 8-15 she always participated in the Kenya National Music Festivals where she received several awards for topping the list in the entire country for both singing and piano.

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As much as she was always involved in the music activities in high school, studying law was still on her priority list when it comes to career choice.

While still in high school, Xenia had an opportunity to test her skill level when it comes to song writing.

She was a part of the school choir who write original songs which are still part of the music performed by the school to this day.

After high school, she applied to two colleges which both happen to be music school with an intention to pursue business and entertainment law as a career choice.

She got accepted to both colleges, thus giving her a confirmation that she is indeed here to study whatever is related to music and entertainment.

After a series of auditions in 2014, Xenia managed to secure a full-tuition scholarship to join the world’s best college for Jazz and Contemporary music, Berklee College of Music in Boston USA.

It was not an easy task since it is very competitive especially when you are going for a full-time scholarship.

At Berklee, Xenia Manasseh studied a degree in Music Business/Management with a concentration on Entrepreneurship.

In the first two years of college, she mainly worked on her vocals and instrumentation but upon joining the third year, she fell back to her original passion of Songwriting.

In2017 she was among the qualified performers selected to perform at The Essence Festival which is one of the most coveted stages in the music industry.

While at Berklee, Xenia also had access to lots of opportunities like singing backgrounds for Crissy Collins (of Beyonce’s MAMAs), Gloria Estefan and sing lead for Beyonce’s original band when they had their own tour.

She graduated in May 2018 and relocated to Atlanta to begin her internship at native North under Natalie Lauren.

Two months later she met with the Grammy award winning producer Keyz of the production duo Ayo and Keyz.

The two had a record label called the Upper Class Men Group and Xenia had her first session with them as a songwriter in July.

After the first session, the duo still called her to the studio and worked on over 70 songs that include most of her released singles.

Seeing how passionate Xenia was with music the duo signed her under their record label UCMG.

Xenia Manasseh Boyfriend.

Since she is a well-travelled young artist, Xenia has had a series of local and international heartbreaks.

She is not new to these unpleasant feelings of trying to get over an ex or trying to salvage the love lost due to a breakup.

From the lyrics in her songs, she reveals that all the romantic and heartbreaking lines written come from the reality of her past relationships.

Xenia Manasseh makes a love or a heartbreak song relating directly with her life experiences in the dating scene either in college or in the outside real world.

At the moment she has not revealed her current boyfriend or partner because she now believes that the public can contribute to either the success or the breakup of a relationship and she is not willing to take those chances.

Xenia Manasseh Net-Worth.

Coming from an upper middle class family, Xenia Manasseh didn’t have any financial struggles as a young child.

Her family might not be that wealthy but she is definitely from one of these rich families in Kenya.

After having a breakthrough in the Kenyan mainstream media as an artist and doing collaborations with big names in the music scene, xenia is now among the top booked artists.

She performs on local and international stages since her style of music has larger audience outside Kenya.

She does all these shows while doubling as a producer and a songwriter thus giving her a wide source of royalties in perpetuity.

Xenia Manasseh currently has an estimated net worth of an eight figure mark in the Kenyan currency amounting to over 120,000 US Dollars.

Xenia Manasseh Songs and Mixtapes.

Apart from writing songs for the biggest artists in Hollywood and doing background vocals for top performing bands in USA, Xenia Manasseh has released a number of hit singles.

She has featured artists from different genres of music in Kenya, from Hip hop, Shrap, Gengetone to Afro Pop.

Here are some of the singles and mixtapes released under Upper-Class Men Group record label.

Fallin’ Apart EP Album.

  1. See Me.
  2. Found Me.
  3. Fading.
  4. Don’t Go.
  5. Fallin Apart.
  6. When Its Over.


Probably Never.




Super Sonic.

Watu Wangu.